Resonant Tunneling Diode: Mid-Infrared Sensing at Room Temperature

Published: 21 March 2022 - Nanomaterials


Florian Rothmayr, Edgar David Guarin Castro, Fabian Hartmann, Georg Knebl, Anne Schade, Sven Höfling, Johannes Koeth, Andreas Pfenning, Lukas Worschech and Victor Lopez-Richard


Resonant tunneling diode photodetectors appear to be promising architectures with a simple design for mid-infrared sensing operations at room temperature. We fabricated resonant tunneling devices with GaInAsSb absorbers that allow operation in the 2–4 μm range with significant electrical responsivity of 0.97 A/W at 2004 nm to optical readout. This paper characterizes the photosensor response contrasting different operational regimes and offering a comprehensive theoretical analysis of the main physical ingredients that rule the sensor functionalities and affect its performance. We demonstrate how the drift, accumulation, and escape efficiencies of photogenerated carriers influence the electrostatic modulation of the sensor’s electrical response and how they allow controlling the device’s sensing abilities.

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