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Vivaldo Leiria Campo Junior

  • Profile:
    Has obtained his Bachelor Degree on Physics (1996), Master's Degree (1998), Ph. D  (2004) from University of Sao Paulo (USP-SC).  He was also a Post-Doctorate Associate at International Centre for Condensed Matter Physics (ICCMP) at Brasilia and at the University of Minnosota before  joining the faculty of Federal University of Sao Carlos (2007).  He has experience with electronic transport through nanostructures where the Kondo effect is present, using Numerical Renormalization Group techniques to tackle such problems. He also deals with magnetic impurities in metals.  
    Recently has been working with the Density Functional Theory applied to non-homogeneous strongly correlated models.
  • Position: Assistant Professor
  • Takes part of the following Research Groups:

    Strongly Correlated Systems - UFSCAR

    Li: Paulo F. Farinas
    Li: Vivaldo Leiria Campo Júnior
    AP: Physics
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    Telephone:(16) 3351-9351